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At BridgeLight, everything we do is focused on helping you – our client – achieve your financial goals. By partnering with our clients throughout the investment management process, we set out together to meet new challenges, pursue new opportunities and increase the potential for success over the long-term. As our clients’ needs evolve, we remain firmly grounded in our specialization and in our commitment to traditional values.

Our investment philosophy is based on the Endowment Model, which is characterized by a focus on asset allocation as the primary driver of return. BridgeLight takes an opportunistic approach to assessing the role of investments within a portfolio; our forward-thinking and dynamic ability to continuously challenge conventional thinking allows us to offer our clients an alternative to the traditional options.


The BridgeLight Capital Team

Ken Blackburn
Shaun Elizabeth Bracken
Christy Pater Schmitt
Kerri “KJ” Johnson
Elaine Sevillano